Monday, January 3, 2011

Half Boiled Eggs Tool

This morning I was thinking of the yellow half boiled egg equipment that we used to use to get the perfect half boiled eggs! There are markings on the container and you just have to pour the desired amount of boiling water in, leave it as the water drains to the bottom half and voila! The perfect half boiled eggs! Gotta go ask Mom if it's still around and then nick it!
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Update 5/12/2015 - Just this year, one of the companies I buy eggs from, QL, had a redemption programme and I managed to redeem my very own half-boiled egg maker!! Soon after I received mine, Mom came with hers. Now there are 2! So happy to finally have the perfect half-boiled eggs for breakfast whenever I wanted some now. Was told that this equiptment is actually invented by a Malaysian! Whoa! After a lot of 'research' on the amount of boiling water for the required number of eggs. Cool!

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