Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dad Part Deux

Another fall. Two in a week. Last week, Mom (with a tendency to exaggerate) made it sound like Dad was gonna be bedridden with a fracture. To me, him being bedridden will spell out the end of the road. I was terrified. Couldn't stop praising God when the X-ray came back normal. He was still in a lot of pain. Probably from the trauma to his frail body.

This morning, Mom called and informed me he fell again last night. She was out for dinner and advised him not to go anywhere on his own and wait for her return. Low and behold she heard him calling out for her and she found him sprawled on the floor. He is now in the hospital with a temperature and low blood sugar as he didn't eat. He was so weak and in much pain that they brought him around in a stretcher. All he wanted to do was to sleep according to Mom.

I feel for him. Times like these makes me want to let him go. I think he is in so much pain and sadness that letting him stay on is a real torture and punishing him further from what he is already going through. However, I really don't want him to go this way, sad and miserable. I want him to go knowing that he is loved. I want him to go thinking that he had lived long enough to see his beautiful grandkids. To know that life isn't that bad after all. Life can't be that bad. To know that God had and still has a purpose for him. And to fulfil this purpose before meeting Him and resting in Heaven.

How do we get him to feel this way? Does he even know that I love him? Or does he think that he is not important to me anymore now that I have my own family? Is Mom his loyal and faithful wife sticking to him through thick and thin or is she just a nagging nuisance? What about God? Is God punishing him or has God not blessed him with so much in his life? How, oh, how can I positivise his thoughts before he goes so that he goes a fulfilled man? Dear Lord, only You can. Please do Your thing before You take him home. Amen.

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