Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School Bus

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This morning in bed, I was somehow brought back to the time we went to school in a school bus that looks something like the picture above. We sort of have our own reserved seats. There were pros and cons for the bus driver to pick you up first or last. If you are first, then you get the best seats but you have to be ready hours before school starts. If you are last, you don't need to board so early and have more time in bed or to finish up that last minute bit of homework but you will probably have to choose a sit next to someone. Hopefully someone nice enough to last the short remaining journey to school.

Usually on the way home is when we usually get a little more rowdy. The students from our bus are considered quite well behaved. I have seen some kids from other buses throw empty packets of water or scrunch up pieces of paper over through the opened windows. (We used to buy drinks (and other nick-nacks like kacang putih) scooped into plastic bags from a vendor outside the school for about 20sen!)
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We used to call the driver Uncle Bus... (!!). He was a medium built man who had a bald spot in the middle. I wonder if he is still around. It has been about 20 years now.

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